Long Distance Date Ideas: 20 Virtual Activities to Keep the Love Alive

A woman is talking to a person on a laptop in a long distance relationship

Maintaining a long-distance relationship can be challenging, but with the right mindset and a bit of creativity, you can find ways to connect and have meaningful experiences with your partner. In this blog post, we will explore a range of long-distance date ideas that will keep the love alive, even when you're miles apart.

Virtual Activities

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1. Online Games

Challenge each other to a friendly competition by playing online games together. Popular options include multiplayer video games, online quizzes, or virtual board games.

2. Movie or TV Watch Parties

Pick a movie or TV show, start watching it at the same time, and coordinate through video call or chat. This will allow you to enjoy the movie together and discuss it as if you were in the same room.

3. Arts and Crafts Date Ideas

Explore your creative side by participating in virtual arts and crafts activities. Consider painting, drawing, or even doing DIY projects together, sharing progress photos along the way.

Thoughtful Gestures

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4. Personalized Care Packages

Surprise your partner with a thoughtful care package filled with items that remind them of you. Include handwritten letters, their favorite snacks, or small sentimental gifts.

5. Snail Mail

Bring back the joy of receiving physical letters by exchanging snail mail. Share your thoughts, dreams, and love through written words, providing a heartfelt connection.

6. Create a Shared Playlist

Curate a playlist of your favorite songs together. Add tracks that hold sentimental value or remind you of special moments. Play the playlist during your virtual hangouts or times when you miss each other.

Communication Ideas

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7. Audio or Video Calls

Schedule regular audio or video calls to maintain a sense of closeness. Plan virtual dinner dates or moments where you can simply relax together while catching up on each other's day.

8. Virtual Board Games

Enjoy classic board games through online platforms that allow you to play against each other. Connect via video call to add a personal touch to the experience.

9. Read and Discuss Together

Choose a book, article, or blog post to read together, then have meaningful discussions about the content. This will provide intellectual stimulation and strengthen your bond.

Date Night at Home

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10. Virtual Dinner Dates

Plan a date night where you both cook the same meal and enjoy it together through video call. Light some candles, set the table, and create a romantic atmosphere.

11. Trying New Recipes Together

Pick a recipe, buy the ingredients, and cook together virtually. Experiment with new dishes and bond over your shared cooking adventures.

12. Dress Up and Have a Romantic Video Call

Get dressed up as if you were going on a fancy date and have a romantic video call. Share a glass of wine or champagne and cherish each other's company.

13. Virtual Fitness Dates

Stay active and healthy together by organizing virtual fitness dates. Find online workout classes or tutorials that you both can follow from your respective locations. This could include yoga sessions, dance workouts, or even virtual hikes where you share your scenic surroundings through video calls. Exercising together will not only keep you motivated but also give you a sense of shared accomplishment.

Surprising Each Other

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14. Surprise Gifts or Flowers

Surprise your partner with unexpected gifts or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Showing that you're thinking of them even from a distance will bring joy and excitement to their day.

15. Plan Surprise Visits or Meetups

If circumstances allow, plan surprise visits or meetups. Keep the element of surprise alive by not revealing your plans until the last moment.

16. Organize Surprise Virtual Dates or Experiences

Plan virtual date nights with surprises in mind. This could include arranging for a virtual cooking class, a online wine tasting, or a virtual tour of a city you've always wanted to explore together.

17. Create a digital memories jar

Visit Memories Crate and create a digital memories jar. Create coupons with date ideas for each other and leave a photo and a description to create an ever lasting memories jar. This will help you remember all the fun times you've had together and will give you ideas for future dates.

Long Distance Travel Ideas

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18. Planning Future Trips Together

Discuss and plan future trips that you would like to take together. Dreaming about future adventures will keep the excitement alive even in times of distance.

19. Virtual Tours and Travel Experiences

Experience different cultures and landmarks by exploring virtual tours and travel experiences. Many museums, landmarks, and even national parks offer virtual tours, allowing you to immerse yourselves in new adventures together.

20. Sharing Photos and Memories

Take a trip down memory lane by sharing photos and memories from past trips. Reminiscing about your shared experiences will bring back fond memories and strengthen your bond.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining a long-distance relationship requires effort and creativity, but with these 20 long-distance date ideas, you can keep the love alive and build lasting memories despite the physical distance. Remember to add a personal touch to these ideas and make them your own. Stay connected, communicate, and treasure the moments you have with your partner, and soon enough, the distance will no longer be an obstacle in your journey together.

Whether you're planning virtual activities, nurturing thoughtful gestures, exploring date nights at home, surprising each other, or dreaming about future travels, embracing these ideas will help you create a stronger, more resilient bond in your long-distance relationship.